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Health Benefits of the Mini Mat

All of Richway's Biomats provide a new world of health to their owners, but the Mini Mat provides mobility and ease of use that none of the other Biomats can claim. The health benefits of the Richway Mini Biomat are numerous and proven. Here we will help you understand how the Mini Mat can benefit your health and help you improve your quality of life.

You know when professional sports organizations are becoming interested in Biomats that it's time you do too. Amethyst and Tourmaline channel negative ions and infrared rays that penetrate and surround your body in an envelope of healing and revitalization. Order your Mini Mat now!

"The Fourth Treatment" by Nobuhiro Yoshimizu, MD, PhD

Nobuhiro Yoshimizu, M.D., Ph.D., former director of the Yokohama General Hospital in Japan, just finished his book entitled, "The Fourth Treatment," which is an in-depth study of the effects of thermotherapy on cancer. "During the process, we discovered a medical device called the 'biomat' that has been certified by the USFDA. It combines the thermopower of Amethyst and Tourmaline to naturally improve the therapeutic power. In addition, it is inexpensive and can be used every day. There are no side effects and anyone can improve their autonomic nervous system by 100% and feel the difference starting from the day they use it. There have been cases of cured prostate and breast cancer within a few months." "...In February, she decided to purchase the Biomat and was treated twice a day. In May, her surgeon checked her status and reported that the tumor mass had shrunk significantly." "When we started using this device [the Biomat], our treatment results started to increase dramatically......It has been certified that use of the Biomat improves back pain, joint pain, arthritis, muscle pain and local circulation. We use this device to weaken the cancer cells by heating up the body and supporting the immune system." Dr. Yoshimizu's book shows over and over how the Biomat can help with improving health. To read Dr. Yoshimizu's book,* click here.

Another recent study by Dr. George Grant in Toronto, Canada, shows how the Biomat can relieve stress by 78%. You can dowload this study as well by clicking here.

Mini Biomat
NASA discovered far infrared rays
The Health Benefits of Far Infrared Rays

NASA first discovered infrared rays and the effects they had on the human body when looking for ways to improve the health of their astronauts in space. What they found was that when far infrared rays were introduced into the human body, that toxin and waste removal was quickened. When the body absorbs far infrared rays, the first response it has is to expel carbon dioxide. This, in turn, then has an effect on the lymph system which determines how much you sweat and thus how much toxins are expelled from your body. This means that far infrared ray therapy will support a healthy immune system as it gets rid of the wastes that make it harder for your immune system to illness.

An increase in blood circulation was found to be a result of infrared ray therapy as well. Far infrared rays also activate your metabolism which speeds up weight loss and gives you more energy.* Learn more about Long Wave Infrared Rays.

The Health Benefits of Negative Ions

Ever wonder why we say "I need some fresh air"?

The primary reason we seek out fresh air is fundamental. "Fresh" air has an abundance of negative ions in it whereas most of the air we breath, especially in cities, does not have the amount of negative ions fresh air has. Since our body is made up of cells, the health of our individual cells is important to our overall health. When there is enough negative ions in the air we breathe, our body's cells function properly.*

When negative ions are introduced to your blood (oxygen, or air, travels through your blood), the alkaline level of your blood increases and purifies it. Cells are then revitalized and your metabolism is increased. The Gamma Globulin in your blood then is increased which produces antibodies and makes your blood protein-rich, both of which make it easier to fight off disease. Finally, when negative ions are introduced in abundance to the air around you, your autonomic nervous system becomes balanced and also helps in the fight against sickness.*

Learn more about Negative Ions.

Mini Biomat
Health Benefits of Amethyst
The Health Benefits of Amethyst

Both the Negative Ions and Far Infrared Rays emitted by the Mini Biomat are channeled out from the Biomat through Amethyst and Tourmaline channels on the face of the Biomat. Why?

Amethyst has been found to be the strongest emitter of infrared rays. It has been used for thousands of years as a tranquilizer but today we also know it to be a great refractor. Infrared rays are radiated (travel without the use of air) into the body up to six inches, thus reaching organs and not just the outer layers of your body. As the waves are absorbed by the body, it causes vibrations that your cells react to in a positive way. When a cell starts to vibrate, it's function speeds up which improves your immune system.

Amethyst has long been used as a tranquilizer to cure tooth pain, headaches, arthritis, but used in conjunction with infrared rays and negative ions, it has proven itself to cure and prevent more serious disease and sickness. *

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